The world-famous virtual singer, Hatsune Miku, will soon be making her return to Ninjala on December 20. GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE) today revealed details surrounding the upcoming robot-themed season for their colorful, free-to-play action game Ninjala. In addition to the collaboration, Ninjala plans to celebrate Cyber Monday with special events and in-game shop discounts.

Hatsune Miku Returns with Magical Mirai 2023

Beginning December 20, the renowned virtual singer Hatsune Miku takes the stage again in GOE’s bubble-gum action game. Fans can cosplay as their favorite electronic performers, with the shop now including outfits for the characters KAITO and MEIKO. Players will also have another chance to obtain past Hatsune Miku collab items from her Magical Mirai 2021 tour.

Gum Ninjutsu Surprise

This season introduces the Iron Fist Dive Gum Ninjutsu, which allows players to warp directly above their targets and rapidly descend to attack. This attack generates an explosive shockwave that not only hits the target but surrounding opponents as well. Players can use this Gum Ninjutsu’s long range to warp through walls and perform powerful sneak attacks.

Next-Gen Gum Weapons

No one can escape with two highly mobile weapons: the Yo-yo type gum weapon Spinning UFO and the Board type gum weapon Knockout Door:

Spinning UFO: This seemingly extraterrestrial weapon’s Gum Shoot ability is Gum Boomerang, allowing Spinning UFO to return to players after they throw it – a first for Yo-yo type weapons. With the Iron Fist Dive Gum Ninjutsu, players can warp above their foes and disrupt groups with the far-reaching Alter Special Golden March.

Knockout Door: Shut the door on your opponent’s strategies using the Gum Needle Gum Shoot ability, which forces enemies to guard. By combining this ability with the weapon’s mobility, players can effectively time their attacks to chase down foes using the Gum Ninjutsu Iron Fist Dive and the Alter Special Surfing Cannon.

Cyber Monday Celebrations

During this season, players can look forward to Cyber Monday events that offer limited-time special discounts and increased odds of obtaining highly sought-after items.

Cyber Monday 2023 Sale: All items in the Shinobi Shop will be 20% off for players or 40% off for Ninjala Pass holders.

Gumchi Shop Lottery: The Research Points redemption rate for grand prizes will increase from 2% to 10%. This can be combined with shop discounts to advance Ninja-Gum research.

Cyber Monday 2023 Big Chance Gacha: Odds will increase from 5% to 7.5%, giving players a greater likelihood of acquiring the Sakura Petals Style and Dark Angel Suit.

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