Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes was recently confirmed for an April 23rd, 2024 release on Switch. Today, we get to learn about an all-new feature that will be included in the experience; a card mini-game!

While you can play a variety of minigames as you progress through the story of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, one that’s been detailed in particular is a card game. This is a very simple game mechanics-wise where players play cards from their hands on the table and compete for three positions, but the back-and-forth can get quite deep.

The higher the total of the numbers in the upper left corner of the card equals the higher the strength and the better the position you get. Like other card games, matching card colors, numbers or creating combinations with numbers in sequential order gets you bonus points.

Not only that, but cards with the same patterns as their friends have skills that activate various effects when certain conditions are met. For example, Hildy’s card is a powerful one that increases your strength by +3 just by playing it.

Some skills are more effective than others, such as those that increase strength if the card colors are different, or others that straight up take away points from your opponent. It’s not a simple matter of building decks and play styles that differ depending on the characters your opponent uses. Buy card packs in the game to acquire cards, and build your own unique and powerful deck to become the best card battler.

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