Flooded rushes onto Switch today

Water water everywhere...

09 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Forever Entertainment has announced that the reverse-city builder, Flooded, is coming to Nintendo Switch today. The title will be priced at $13 and there will also be a free demo available today as well. Finally, players will be able to get Flooded with a 15% release discount until November 30th, while owners of Forever Entertainment’s featured games are eligible for a 50% owner discount!

Water levels have suddenly risen worldwide, and all the solid ground remaining on the surface of our planet is shrinking extremely quickly. Together with a group of miners, you find yourself surprised by the rising water, and your only goal, for now, is to find safe ground.

As the land keeps shrinking, you’ll have to act quickly. Raise new buildings, gather resources, upgrade already built structures, and figure out how to escape from the island.

You’ll quickly find out that you’re not the only survivor of the flood. Unfortunately, not everyone is as friendly as you. Build defensive structures, plant water mines, and raise turrets to keep your people safe, not only from the water but also from the pirates.

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