CATAN: Console Edition settles on Switch today

Reaching the end of the longest road

09 November 2023
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CATAN - Console Edition is making its way to the Nintendo Switch today! Switch owners will be able to play the hugely popular board game with friends and family on the couch, online or on the move – all on the board that comes to life. The official console version of the hit international board game has been in development courtesy of Dovetail Games with help from the team over at Nomad Games.

The much-anticipated November release of the Super Deluxe edition of the game includes the base game of CATAN, five championship maps and The Helpers (the first official expansion to CATAN – Console Edition.) Alongside the Super Deluxe version, Dovetail Games has two additional editions: Deluxe and Standard. The Deluxe version includes the base game and championship maps, while the Standard version contains the base game of CATAN. Players who buy the Standard edition of CATAN and decide at a later date to get The Helpers/championship maps, can purchase separately.

In advance of the release there will be a one-week pre-order promotion beginning on November 2nd, allowing eager CATAN fans can get their hands on the Super Deluxe version of the game with a 10% discount!

Players will immerse themselves in a vibrant animated board, populated with characters farming and mining resources, sheep roaming their respective hexes and the Robber waiting for the moment to move. Ships occupy the surrounding harbors, and settlements and cities appear as players continue to build and trade with one another. Success comes with earning Victory Points, which can be gained in various ways, including building the ‘Longest Road’ or amassing the ‘Largest Army.’ Building cities and settlements also earn Victory Points, as well as through the tactical use of Development Cards.

The Helpers expansion pack adds an additional layer of strategy (and fun) to the base game of CATAN by introducing 12 characters known as Helpers. Each Helper brings its own unique and specialized skills to give players a strategic advantage in developing their fledgling communities into thriving cities. The rules and conditions of victory remain the same as it was in the base game, but the way to get there is more intriguing. Players will need to make sure they own the base CATAN - Console Edition game to make use of this expansion.

CATAN has always been about playing together, and with the Card Companion on smartphones, players can all gather around one TV without the risk of seeing the resources that other players have.

Cross-play allows Nintendo Switch gamers to enjoy CATAN – Console Edition together with players on other consoles. Solo players can tackle the various AI characters based on CATAN lore that have unique skills and attributes in building and trading.

  • CATAN – Console Edition: Super Deluxe - $29.99 USD
  • CATAN – Console Edition: Deluxe - $24.99 USD
  • CATAN – Console Edition: Standard - $19.99 USD
  • CATAN – Console Edition: The Helpers - $9.99 USD
  • CATAN – Console Edition: Championship Maps - $6.99 USD

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