Devil Engine Ignition is a definitive expansion pack to the original Devil Engine; the amount of content is almost doubled! You can pick it up on Switch today for $10.

Featuring 6 new stages, a new ship and an Arranged soundtrack by a variety of veteran composers, Devil Engine Ignition adds a load of new content to the already packed Devil Engine! Features

  • Use 3 unique ships with different shots, score systems and playstyles, all available from the start
  • Blast through 6 new and heavily remixed stages in Ignition mode
  • Treat your ears to an Arranged soundtrack by veteran composers Shinji Hosoe (Street Fighter EX), Loser Kashiwagi (CHO REN SHA 68K), Hyakutaro Tsukumo (Thunder Force 5), and more
  • Use all the new content in the original Devil Engine campaign and extra modes

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