New trailer shared for Tavern Talk

Setting a high bar

09 November 2023
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Your patrons await! Get ready to brew up magical drinks and befriend a colourful cast of adventurers in Tavern Talk, a cosy D&D inspired visual novel in which you run a tavern in a fantasy world!

Today Gentle Troll have released a new gameplay trailer for the game to celebrate the last week of their Kickstarter campaign, having smashed through its funding goal and now being over 550% funded! With nearly 2500 backers and a whopping €115k+ in pledges, Tavern talk is coming to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch in Q2 2024, with a slew of additional in game content thanks to stretch goals.

You walk into a tavern…and get to work! You’re the owner of the Wayfarer’s Inn, ready to brew up magical drinks for your patrons; from potions of seething fury to prancing swords that will alter their fates forever. Gather rumours from the tavern-goes and turn them into heroic quests for your patrons. In your downtime, piece together fragments to uncover the secrets of an ancient evil threatening the land!

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