The strategy RPG ‘The War of Genesis: Remnants of Gray’ was announced for Switch all the way back in 2020, yet we’re still waiting on the game’s arrival. While many have been wondering if the game is still coming, it appears it will indeed see launch, as Nintendo Korea’s official YouTube channel has just shared a new trailer for the game. You can check out that full-length trailer above.

The War of Genesis: Remnants of Gray is being published by LINE Games and is developed by Studio ReG. The latest update on the game’s release shows a December 2023 launch in South Korea, with a worldwide launch following sometime in 2024.

The War of Genesis: Remnants of Gray is an adventure strategy RPG based on Korea’s popular The War of Genesis series. This game is a remake of the first and second sequels of the series and is built with Unreal Engine 4.

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