Warframe has been updated to Ver. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

  • Updated the Eidolon Phylaxis and Infested Catalyst descriptions to inform players on where they can be acquired when Chatlinked.
  • Eidolon Phylaxis: Nakak’s Operational Supply in Cetus
  • Infested Catalyst: Bio Lab in Clan Dojo
  • Fixed Infested not spawning in Stage 4 of Plague Star Bounties following a host migration.
  • Fixed cases of slow Infested spawns around the Boil in Stage 4 of Plague Star due to enemies elsewhere on the Plains contributing to the spawn cap.
  • Improved Drone pathing during Stage 3 of Plague Star, hopefully reducing cases of the Drone becoming stuck.
  • Improved waypoint pathing inside a Plains of Eidolon cave.
  • Fixed the Plague Star Drone being unable to move in certain cases when going through Nova’s Wormhole, resulting in players being unable to progress the Bounty.
  • Fixed players who have not unlocked The Steel Path being able to play The Steel Path Plague Star Bounty if an eligible squadmate selects it.
  • Fixed Grineer enemies sometimes just standing around during Stage 2 of Plague Star bounties.

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