Super Mario RPG has now leaked online

Beware the Forest's Spoilers

10 November 2023
by jmaldonado 3

Like Clockwork, another major Nintendo release has leaked online prior to it’s release, this time it’s the highly anticipated Super Mario RPG remake. We have no word how this happened but it’s probably another case of a retailer breaking street date like with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but that’s just speculation.

As always, if you want to remain spoiler free for the game, we highly recomend staying off social media until the game launches November 17th. GoNintendo also promises to not post anything on the leaked version of the game prior to it’s official release.

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8M ago

The fact that this is a mostly-faithful remake of a nearly 30 year-old game only makes it more ridiculous. Even pirates should be embarrassed to have this little patience.


8M ago

You do know posts like this also tell people to go look for the leak :(


8M ago


Yeah, if this article didn't exist I probably wouldn't have known until the game's proper release (not that I care about leaks in any form or shape).

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