Pokémon Red/Blue were the birth of the Pokémon franchise, and both games have been seared into the memories of millions of players worldwide. For many, Pokémon Red/Blue were the first RPGs they ever tackled, giving them a taste of what the top-down role playing world had to offer.

The top-down view in Pokémon Red/Blue is one that countless iconic RPGs used, and it’s still employed by developers to this day. That said, it’s not the only perspective traditional RPGs used. There were a few entries in the genre, such as Super Mario RPG, that utilized an isometric angle to get the job done.

Ever wonder what Pokémon Red might look like if it tilted the camera down a bit? While Nintendo and Pokémon Co. may not have tackled that direction back in the day, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it now! In the video above, talented pixel artist Brian James Greer aims to reimagine Pokémon Red from a whole new visual perspective, and the end result will make you wish the whole game could get a similar makeover.

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