The world lost actor Lance Reddick back in March of this year due to heart disease, taking him from us at just 60 years old. Reddick’s passing sent ripples throughout the entertainment industry, as Reddick both appeared on-screen and off in countless roles, and that includes plenty of work on the gaming side of things.

One of Reddick’s last roles was that of Hellboy in the recently-released Hellboy Web of Wyrd. In an interview with Polygon, Upstream Arcade co-founder Adam Langridge spoke about Reddick’s take on the Right Hand of Doom and how he put his own spin on the larger-than-life beast.

“The description that I always think of with Hellboy is that he regards dealing with werewolves and really scary stuff a lot like a plumber looking at a blocked sink or something. He’s always grounded, a little bit worn out and slightly wry. Lance’s take on that was just absolutely spot-on. We’re really happy we got to have him as our Hellboy. I think he brought his own flavor [to] a lot of the key elements of the character.”

[Upstream Arcade co-founder Adam Langridge]

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