For Nintendo fans, Patricia Summersett is known as the voice of Zelda. Patricia has handled the character since 2017 with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and she’s reprised the role for a number of spin-offs and sequels. That said, Summersett is more than just a voice actor, as she’s appeared in a litany of live-action features on TV and the silver screen as well.

With Nintendo recently revealing that a live-action Legend of Zelda movie is in the works, many have been wondering just who will take on the iconic roles. There’s no doubt Zelda will make an appearance in the film, but which actress should fill the character’s shoes? Turns out Summersett would love a chance to go in front of the camera for the project.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Summetsett shared an interest in portraying Zelda in the Legend of Zelda movie. While nothing official is in the works at this time, Summersett said she will “of course” throw her hat in the ring when it comes to Zelda casting. Furthermore, Summersett said that she, “would love to play Zelda over and over again.”

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7M ago

I would also love to play Zelda in the live action film!


7M ago

Sorry that role is destined for Chris Pratt.


7M ago

The role is going to a bankable star, at least someone with a track record in TV/streaming. It’s as inevitable as Thanos paying taxes and dying.

Would be nice if she got a tasteful cameo like Charles Martinet in the Mario movie. And Miyamoto can have a background appearance like Alfred Hitchcock.