In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you can jump into unexpected adventure with Mario and his friends. But did you know that you can also adventure with friends, family, and even folks you’ve never met from all around the world while playing online?! Yeah! In a new tips article, Nintendo goes over the ins and outs of online play.

How to hop into online play

Once you head into Pipe-Rock Plateau, speak to Professor Connect, a friendly character that looks a little like a satellite. This will open the Online Status screen where you’ll be able to turn the network connection on or off. You can do this straight from the Main Menu next time to speed things up.

After you’ve connected to online play, you may notice faint shadows of characters on the World Map and in courses. These faint shadows are other players from all over the world who are adventuring at the same time as you!

If you want to see the rest of the tips and pointers Nintendo has to offer, you can find their full feature here.

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