The 2024 Pokémon GO Championship series has started, and more players than ever are vying for the chance to be crowned the next World Champion. The next major opportunity for competitors to prove their mettle is the 2024 Latin America International Championships (LAIC), taking place November 17–19, 2023.

With the newest attack updates from the Adventures Abound Season, players and audience members alike are taking note of the interesting Pokémon they can expect to see battling on the big stage in São Paulo, Brazil.

While Medicham and Lanturn are still two of the most popular Pokémon in the “show six, pick three” format, some unique choices like Guzzlord, Shadow Magnezone, Clefairy, and Greninja have made day two of regional competitions. We’ve even seen Shadow Dragonite and Pelipper on championship teams!

For a full breakdown of what to look forward to from the 2024 Pokémon GO Championship series, check out the Pokémon Co. feature here.

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