All the way back in February 2021, a Nintendo Direct revealed that the multi-award winning Outer Wilds was coming to Switch. Many assumed the Switch port would arrive shortly thereafter, but that unfortunately wasn’t the case. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months to years…and here we are.

While the developers have reassured everyone that Outer Wilds is still coming to Switch, we’re all still waiting on a release date. It would be great to have an official announcement to share, but we do have something else that offers a bit of hope, and it comes from a very trusted source…as far as rumormongers go.

Pyoro, an online personality who has gotten numerous Nintendo leaks spot-on, is very heavily hinting that Outer Wilds is finally arriving on Switch soon. While they didn’t specifically say way, it can’t be a coincidence that Nintendo announced an Indie World Showcase tomorrow and now Pyoro is teasing the launch of Outer Wilds. It seems quite likely that tomorrow’s showcase will either reveal a release date, or surprise everyone with a launch right after the presentation.

Hopefully we’ll all have a chance to play this critically-acclaimed title on Switch this week, but whatever the case may be, we’ll certainly keep you posted.

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6M ago

When I saw the first trailer I was hooked and then...well, like you said: 'Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months to years…and here we are.'
Now I'm kinda indifferent to be honest.