Hogwarts Legacy has had one hell of a ride to Switch. We weren’t even sure the game was heading Switch’s way when first announced, as it was nowhere to be found in the game’s reveal trailer. That information only came later via the game’s official website, which was followed by the shock of the release being a native port and not a cloud version.

Today is launch day for Hogwarts Legacy on Switch, and there’s no doubt the halls of the hallowed school will be filled to the brim with new students. Of course, the big question on fans’ minds is whether this wait will be worth it. Everyone knows that Hogwarts Legacy won’t be the technical showcase it is on platforms like PS5, but just how comparable is the Switch version to the options already released?

The video above takes a deep dive with Hogwarts Legacy on Switch to answer a ton of questions. We get to take a look at graphical fidelity, cutbacks on assets, framerate information, and much more. We also see that some new loading transitions have been added in the open world sections, which definitely break up the adventure a bit. All that considered though, it does seem like the dev team on this project did their best to make Hogwarts Legacy on Switch something players can still enjoy.

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