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The Gods are ready

14 November 2023
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Today, the Season of Worlds, the final one in Year 10, has started in SMITE with the game’s latest major Update.

The new Battle Pass: World Champions is dedicated to SMITE esports while the new Colorforge event revisits what may be the most legendary SMITE skin ever. With a new Conquest Map as its final ingredient, the Season of Worlds sets the tone, the meta, and the hype for the biggest yearly beat in SMITE esports: the SMITE World Championship—aka SWC—coming right up in early January!

Season of Worlds Conquest Map

SMITE’s competitive mode, Conquest, has rotated to the fourth and final map this year—one per Season in Year 10. The map itself is themed around esports and SWC, the biggest SMITE esports event that will conclude Year 10 on January 12-14, 2024 in Arlington, Texas!

Excitement and anticipation for the yearly competition transpires everywhere on the Conquest battleground. The SWC logo adorns the war banners fluttering in the wind in each base, while statues have been erected in honor of last year’s grand finals teams. In the center of the Mid Lane, SWC art paves the floor. The SWC trophy itself, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, rests embedded in shattered rock and it looks eager to witness epic teamfights that will settle the fate of so many teams. Who will reach the highest SMITE heights and lift the trophy this year?

Balance tweaks have been made to Gods and items, while structural changes were kept to a minimum in order not to upset the equilibrium of the meta prior to SWC.

Battle Pass: World Champions – featuring Monstercat

SMITE’s new Battle Pass: World Champions is unique in many ways – and it’s out today to pave the way leading up to the SMITE World Championship!

Among dozens of rewards, the Pass showcases Camelot’s King Maui, a tribute skin to last year’s SWC Champions Camelot Kings. Eight more skins honoring SMITE esports teams can be found in the Battle Pass: World Champions – including some for free. Best of all, players get to unlock them in any order! As always, once you have unlocked the Battle Pass: World Champions you simply need to play some SMITE matches to claim your rewards – two per Pass level including one for free. And among those rewards are the new “Esports Chests” that contain all eight esports skins. No randomness is involved as you can simply pick any skin you want each time you open an Esports Chest.

Here are the 9 skins in Battle Pass: World Champions designed after the esports teams competing in Year 10:

  • Camelot’s King Maui (instant unlock and not through the Esports Chest)
  • Eldritch Hounds Sun Wukong
  • Gilded Gladiator Bellona
  • Highland Ravens Zeus
  • Styx Ferrymen Apollo
  • Jade Dragons Ao Kuang
  • Atlantis Leviathans Susano
  • Oni Warriors Nemesis
  • Camelot Kings Poseidon

These Gods have been chosen as some of the most present on SMITE’s competitive stage.

What’s more, the final—and FREE—reward in the Battle Pass: World Champions is a very special Music Theme compiling tunes from independent electronic record label, Monstercat. This theme can be used in any match and features the following titles and artists:

  • “Infortunii” – Caster
  • “Fall” – SKYLER
  • “Double Tap” – Going Quantum & hayve

Full of punchy bass drops and sharp electronic riffs, the Monstercat Music Theme is set to be the sound of Year 10 SWC!

Colorforge: Worlds Collide

An absolute SMITE legend, Poolseidon Poseidon is a Tier 5 skin from 10 years ago able to summon the most ridiculous rubber duck kraken. In SMITE, everyone knows him – and many covet him. As a Limited skin, he has been unobtainable for a decade. Today he comes back cooler and in colors… meet Coolseidon Poseidon! Everyone can purchase him in the second-ever Colorforge event: Worlds Collide.

Like all Colorforge skins, Coolseidon Poseidon can be dyed with dozens of different color combinations. Also featured in Colorforge: Worlds Collide are two new Colorforge skins, Intergalactic Harvester Thanatos and Rotten Rascal Baron Samedi, plus 8 new dyes – you guessed it, one dye per esports team!

Try the SWC Conquest map and support your favorite teams with customizable esports skins in SMITE’s Season of Worlds, live now!

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