Horror RPG 'Catechesis' announced for Switch

10 years in the making

14 November 2023
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Yuppie Psycho developer Baroque Decay Games has announced Catechesis, a horror RPG, and it’s heading to Switch sometime in the future. Believe it or not, Catechesis is actually a revival of a game Baroque Decay originally announced all the way back in 2013. The game was put on hold due to feature and scope-creep, but now the team is in a position to fully realize what they wanted to do a decade ago.

Like previous Baroque Decay games, Catechesis maintains a style characterized by retro pixelated graphics, which leave many details to the player’s imagination, enhancing its gloomy atmosphere. This aesthetic is complemented by full anime-style cinematics that highlight the most significant moments of the plot.

The focus on narrative is one of the strengths of Catechesis, aligning with our previous games. The blend of horror and comedy that characterizes our games is more prominent than ever in this new and unsettling adventure, leaving players wondering if they should laugh or be scared.

The game’s overall design takes inspiration from titles like Silent Hill, Deadly Premonition, and the Persona series, while also following in the footsteps of RPG Maker horror classics such as Mad Father and Ib. It draws influence from recent pixel indie games like OMORI and Faith, creating a unique horror action RPG experience rarely seen in games.

During the day, players guide Daniel through interactions with a vibrant cast of characters, attending school, visiting his grandfather’s church, making hospital visits, or working in a supermarket. However, when night falls, our protagonist is thrust into twisted worlds teeming with demons, where he must fight for his life against various creatures while solving puzzles and riddles to uncover the mysteries of the tabalistic religion. Thanks to a new addition in Baroque Decay games—combat—Daniel can accumulate experience to level up and acquire different power-ups to aid him on his quest.

Daniel, an altar boy of a fringe religion, is possessed by a demon. Desperate to cure his ailing grandfather, Daniel prays for divine intervention and starts performing acts of kindness that miraculously improve his grandfather’s health. However, these virtuous deeds unintentionally trigger the opening of a gate to hell. To rescue his beloved grandparent, Daniel must venture deeper into the netherworld, forever intertwining two realms.

The original soundtrack for Catechesis will be crafted by none other than Michael “Garoad” Kelly, renowned for his incredible work on VA-11 HALL-A and the eerie, surreal score of Yuppie Psycho. With his unique talent, Kelly aims to deliver a one-of-a-kind musical experience that players simply can’t resist.

In Catechesis, we’re venturing into a more urban and contemporary soundscape, drawing inspiration from genres like Trip Hop, while maintaining our reverence for horror classics such as Halloween, The Omen, and Suspiria. We’re blending these influences with the postmodernism sound of the 2000s Japanese culture, creating a soundtrack that complements the game’s anime aesthetic. Our goal is to craft a soundtrack that’s both mysterious and haunting, yet delicate and exquisitely beautiful, an auditory masterpiece that will linger with you even when you’re not in-game.

You can listen now to a advance of Michael’s Catechesis work here.

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