Revisit the Starfall Islands with the astounding and electrifying beats of the Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack: Paths Revisited. Enjoy a total of 46 songs, including new songs added in the three, free major Sonic Frontiers content updates, as well as bonus tracks with commentary by the writers, producers, and directors.

This album released digitally last month, but now it’s available physically as well. Unfortunately, it seems to only have released physically in Japan, but Play-Asia is the perfect way to import this one. If you’d like to get this two-disc album for your music collection, you can cough up $27 through Play-Asia via this link.

If you want to stream the album after sampling some tracks from the preview option above, you have plenty of places to do so. Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack: Paths Revisited is available through Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, and YouTube Music.

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