The Pokémon Co. has an insane amount of Pokémon merch out there, and it runs the gamut from plushes and apparel to everything in-between. You honestly never know what the company is cooking up next, and the proof of that comes from the latest merch reveal.

Pokémon Co. have announced that Pokémon Center locations in Japan are going to start selling a Nacli salt shaker on Nov. 16th, 2023. This item is priced at $14.60 and measures 8.4 x 7.35 x 7.5 cm, making it a pretty sizable shaker. While you’re supposed to use this Nacli shaker for salt, feel free to cram in whatever seasoning you want.

Nacli was born in a layer of rock salt deep under the earth. This species was particularly treasured in the old days, as they would share precious salt. If you’d like to take a closer look at the Nacli salt shaker, you can find more pictures here.

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