Today, multiplatform publisher of retro and modern titles Ziggurat Interactive is excited to announce it has opened pre-orders for the Standard and Deluxe Edition of the upcoming 2.5D brutal hack-and-slash side-scroller Slave Zero™ X.

In addition to what is included in the Standard Edition, the Deluxe will have something truly special: original comics set in the Slave Zero world, illustrated by comics industry icons and former Marvel, DC Comics, and Disney storytellers and writers Ant Williams and Andy Lanning, now of Ideas and Inks.

The physical editions are chock-full of Slave Zero goodies, including platform-specific skins, physical guidebooks (with art!), an exclusive outer box, and even postcards, allowing you to bring the dystopian surroundings of Megacity S1-9 to life. Pre-orders also offer a number of kick-ass incentives for those who reserve their copies early. PlayStation digital pre-orders come with 72 hours of early access to the game, while those who reserve a physical copy can receive digital downloads of the OST, Steam keys for the original Slave Zero (1999), and digital versions of the tie-in comics from participating retailers.

The newest title in the classic Dreamcast Slave Zero franchise will bring a satisfyingly punishing challenge, perfect for hardcore hack-and-slash fans who really want to get their blood pumping (as well as spilling!) The story of Slave Zero™ X sees the protagonist, Shou, merging with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype, taking up arms to do battle against the violent forces of the tyrannical SovKhan, the violent dictator who rules Megacity S1-9 with fists of iron and flesh.


What’s Available in Slave Zero™ X’s Standard Edition Pre-orders:

Nintendo Switch: (physical only): Slave Zero™ X cartridge, Nintendo-themed Shou skin, the guidebook (manual with art), and controls reference card

What’s Available in Slave Zero™ X’s Deluxe Edition Pre-orders:

Nintendo Switch: (physical only): Slave Zero™ X cartridge, the guidebook (manual with art), controls reference card, Slave Zero™ X comics and art book, dual Soundtrack of Slave Zero & Slave Zero™ X, Nintendo-themed Shou skin, and postcards

Slave Zero™ X launches February 21, 2024, on Switch. Digital pre-orders are available now on GOG and the PlayStation Store, starting at $24.99 for the Standard Edition and $29.99 for the Deluxe Edition. More information about pre-orders for the physical Standard and Deluxe Editions on Nintendo Switch will be available at a later date.

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