Pokémon HOME is a service that lets you store your Pokémon to bring over to other Pokémon games when they arrive. While many trainers use the service and enjoy its features, most would agree that there’s certainly room for improvement. A new patent from both Nintendo and Pokémon Co. show that the two companies might agree with that sentiment.

A new patent from Pokémon Co. and Nintendo is for a “Content Holding System, Storage Medium and Content Holding Server,” and it aims to both store and update individual Pokémon data for use between various games. The service keeps track of elements like species, types, moves, effort values (EVs), and experience, but it does a lot more than that as well.

There is a special, inherent area in this Content Holding System that pays close attention to game-specific attributes, events, and memories for Pokémon. The service can also update individual Pokémon data in real-time, reflecting their growth, learned behaviors, and changes prompted by their environment.

What does all of this mean? Well, picture a Pikachu transferred from Pokémon Sword/Shield. This Pikachu would be updated uniquely depending on the next game it’s going to. You’d have elements like core stats and its biography remain the same through the ‘common area’ in the service, while region-specific details like Gym Badges earned in Galar would fill in via the Sword and Shield inherent area.

While not specifically stated, it seems this service would allow Pokémon to get all sorts of unique features and elements depending on where they come from and where they’re being sent off to. Of course, as always, this patent could end up never being used in any projects. Only time will tell what Pokémon Co. and Nintendo have in store for this one.


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