Developers finally seem to be taking accessibility features for games seriously. While it’s taken quite a long time for this topic to catch on, it’s nice to see so many teams embracing the idea. That’s exactly what Dead Cells co-developer Evil Empire is doing, as there’s a host of accessibility options in the works for the Castlevania-inspired roguelike.

Sometime in the near future, Dead Cells players will be able to take advantage of features like auto-hit, continue, assist modes, and more. You can see a more complete list of what’s being added below.

  • auto-hit
  • continue
  • assist modes
  • rebind sticks
  • improvements to the UI, including color, font size, and font type
  • change around the songs, music, and SFX
  • adjustable color palettes to assist colorblind players
  • increase UI and background contrast

We don’t have word on when this update is going live, but it should be quite soon. As soon as the features are live, we’ll let you know.

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