Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is excited to announce the forthcoming release, on 24th November 2023, of Evil Diary, a 2D action shoot ‘em up, where the player must face off against dozens of grotesque enemies and survive. Releasing on Switch at a remarkably low price-point.

Evil Diary takes place in an alternate 1997 where, three years ago, aliens attacked the planet, reducing New York City to ruins. People and animals were transformed into hideous, bloodthirsty creatures. The player takes control of Eve, one of the few survivors, who is determined to escape the city and seek refuge at a secure zone outside, as she travels, battling the monsters and trying to survive.

Eve is a normal young woman who’s been through extraordinary circumstances. She’s now alone, a survivor and is ready to fight for her life. Armed with a trusty handgun and a laser sword that she looted from the body of an alien, she will stop at nothing to reach the secure zone. After every level, Eve writes in her diary, giving the player a more intimate view of her thoughts.

The game takes place over the course of eight days and the player guides Eve through a multitude of locations, including a dark forest, streets of New York, an abandoned train station, inside rundown derelict and on top of trains, sewers, a dilapidated mansion, an industrial elevator, until finally riding a motorcycle to safety! Eve’s journey is a solitary one, she doesn’t encounter any other characters besides the monsters.

Unabated action is the menu set. There are different types of levels, ones where you have to kill a certain number of monsters to progress, ones where you have to survive against monsters until a timer runs out, and finally for the last couple of levels, you ride a motorcycle as you shoot down motorcycle-riding enemies.

The player must first clear a monster-infested forest, survive through hordes of enemies in the streets of New York and find an abandoned train station in order to get to the secure zone.

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