Colors of Indie Award 2023 Nominees Announced

And the nominees are...

16 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

For the second time, indie developer and publisher Mooneye celebrates diversity in indie games with their Colors of Indie awards. The call went out to teams representing and celebrating diversity, be it in their team or within their games and nearly 400 indie devs heard the call. “The creativity and number of submissions had us gasping for air to be honest. We had such a hard time deciding on only 25 nominees! Picking the winners is going to be that much harder even.” says CEO Tobias Graff. The winners are going to be announced on Nov 30th, during a small indie dev get-together in Mooneye’s hometown Hamburg, Germany, and streamed live to their TikTok account @mooneyestudios

There are some true hidden gems among the nominees and we highly recommend checking out this list! Here are the nominees:

  • Adaptory by Stormcloak Games
  • Cirrus Business by Oofin Sprouts
  • Crave by Hang The Eyelids
  • Crypt Custodian by Kyle Thompson
  • Cyber Paradise by DDmeow Games
  • Fishbowl by
  • High Times by Yangyang Mobile
  • Light of Atlantis by Drown Town GbR
  • Lost Twins II by Playdew
  • Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island by Polygon Treehouse
  • Not Involved. Vermillion by STRAYFEET
  • Rapz by Spacesalad Studios
  • Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER by MidBoss
  • Spilled! by Lente
  • Tavern Talk by Gentle Troll Entertainment
  • The Darkest Files by Paintbucket Games
  • THE SPIRIT LIFT by prettysmart games
  • The Star Named EOS by Silver Lining Studio
  • The Wandering Village by Stray Fawn Studio
  • Three Blades Ranch by QuailCore Games
  • Tikus Tales by WilK Games
  • Urban Future Combat by Team Dash Games
  • Weyrdlets by Weyrdworks
  • Where Birds Go to Sleep by Quiet Little Feet
  • Yes,Your Grace: Snowfall by Brave At Night

The small team at Mooneye not only supports diversity not only with their Colors of Indie awards, but also in their own games that often feature female or queer protagonists and topics.

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