In a joyous pixelated twist of fate, Mega Cat Studios is delighted to announce the addition of exclusive Game Boy Advance (GBA) tiers for The Meating, the savory puzzle platformer that has gamers salivating for more. As the Kickstarter campaign for The Meating sizzles with excitement, backers now have the chance to take their gaming experience on the go with the legendary GBA editions.

The Meating is an action-puzzle platformer like no other. You are an ex-gladiator minotaur named Kon whose quest for love lands him on the chopping board. Gazing at him from above are the merciful eyes of Gyros, the Greek God of Meat, who offers him a chance at redemption. Thrust back into the mortal world as a ghost minotaur, Kon uses an array of ghost skills to work around and headbutt his way through 40 platforming levels! As he pulls himself together by collecting meat scattered throughout levels, prepare to find clues to the mastermind responsible for his untimely demise and solve the mystery behind the undeserved butchering of his innards.

Fans will be able to savor the retro flavor, and Kickstarter backers will enjoy the pairing of this prime-cut game with some amazing side dish rewards including a wagyu Limited Edition cartridge, Nintendo Switch Codes, posters and more. You can contribute to the official Kickstarter here.

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