Kalypso Media and in-house developer Realmforge Studios, have returned with second and third instalments in their series of Developer Diaries for their hit strategy game, Dungeons 4.

In rare instance of benevolence, the Absolute Evil has allowed the loyal followers at Realmforge Studios to express their undying love for Dungeons 4 in two special behind-the-scenes videos. The second Developer Diary “Gameplay of Dungeons,” follows Creative Director Christian Wolfertstetter, Art Director Anika Linke, Level Designer Marcel Hähnlein, Project Manager Maita Sedlaczek, and Lead Programmer Immanuel Scholz, as they discuss their favorite gameplay additions while providing tips and discussing the trials and tribulations players will encounter throughout the campaign and skirmish modes.

The third entry in the Developer Diary series “The Story of Dungeons” provides a look into the trials and tribulations awaiting the Absolute Evil and his loyal servants in Dungeons 4, including perspective from the team on how they went above and beyond the scope of the series’ story so far to bring our favorite villains to life.

Developed by Realmforge Studios with Kalypso Media set to publish, Dungeons 4 is planned for a Nintendo Switch release at some point in 2024. You can also check out two new gameplay videos for Dungeons 4 below.


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