Mortal Kombat 1 Dev Breaks Down Omni-Man

This guy packs a punch

16 November 2023
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Design Manager at Netherrealm Studio, Nick Nicastro, sat down with GameSpot to go over Mortal Kombat 1’s latest fighter Omni-Man’s move set, his infamous fatality, and its many homages to the show Invincible.

Omni-Man has joined the ranks of Mortal Kombat 1, which he fits very nicely in considering how brutal and relentless he is, often obliterating his foes into guts and gore. In this video design manager at Netherrealm Studio, Nick Nicastro, breaks down how they adapted the sinister character from its source material Invincible. He gives insight into specific scenes, and what it was like to put them in the MK1 move set, including his special moves, brutalities, and the infamous train fatality. There’s even some easter eggs in there that Nick points out.

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