Runnyk launches on Switch today

The myth becomes reality

17 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Ratalaika Games has announced that they’re bringing Runnyk to Switch today. The game is priced at $5 and takes up just 65 mb of space.

Runnyk, is a 2D mini action RPG, which tells the story about a brave viking called Runnyk, who travels through cold lands inhabited by many evil creatures, trying to find the Four Magical Runes for the chance to save his beloved.

Play as Runnyk, who was a quite lonely viking, until he met a very special person. But suddenly one day, she gets sick from an unknown disease. Runnyk try everything but with no success, he prays to Odin everyday to help find the cure, but Odin does not respond. A sorceress then say to Runnyk that he needs be prepared to sacrifice his own life in order to find the Four Magical Runes, so he can met Odin himself in the Untouched Lands and ask for help.

During Runnyk’s journey, he will face many powerful creatures and will find some friends too, who will help him on his quest. Also the more Runnyk face his enemies, the more he become strong so he can defeat the Ancient creatures who guards the Magical Runes!

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