Pikmin Bloom gets a trio of Japanese commercials

Pik it up and give it a try!

17 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

With Pikmin 4 becoming the best-selling Pikmin game of all-time in just 9 weeks, the profile of the Pikmin franchise has never been more prominent. It seems Nintendo and Niantic are striking while the iron’s hot, as they’ve put out a trio of spots to promote Pikmin Bloom in Japan, and you can see all 3 of those commercials in this post.

Pikmin Bloom offers a fun way to earn rewards for going outside and exploring with friends! With the brand-new Weekly Challenges feature, you can team up with others, no matter how far away they might be, and work towards a shared steps goal!

COLLECT over 150 types of unique Decor Pikmin! Some wear fishing lures, some don hamburger buns, and others flaunt paper airplanes, just to name a few.

EXPLORE your neighborhood to add more Pikmin to your squad! The more you walk, the more seedlings and fruit you’ll find.

TEAM UP with friends to take down mushrooms and earn rewards! Select a dream team of Pikmin to increase your score and nab rarer fruit types!

DECORATE the world with beautiful flowers everywhere you go! Watch the map fill up with colorful blossoms, planted by you and by other players nearby!

Head outside, explore your neighborhood, and make the world bloom!

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