Teacher/Rapper/Hero Mega Ran and the Random Beats label are pleased to present Radical Dreamers, a unique fusion of melodic hip-hop beats, razor-sharp lyricism, and the allure of old-school JRPGs Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger. Celebrating the 24-year anniversary of the release of Chrono Cross, the album features the vocal stylings of Amerigo Gazaway and musical arrangements by DJ DN³, including references and lyrical retellings of both games in “Another World” for Chrono Cross and “Time Travelin’” for Chrono Trigger. An original song that borrows a title from the Chrono Trigger track, “Wings of Time,” and listeners will find many more easter eggs lovingly tucked away throughout.

Radical Dreamers is also a heartfelt homage to gaming culture, underscored by themes of dreams, time travel, self-discovery, and radical pursuit. Several music videos have been released to celebrate the release, including the above “Another World” and also “Wings of Time.” Radical Dreams is available digitally on Bandcamp and can also be pre-ordered on physical CD, cassette tape, and vinyl, with other digital storefronts and streaming platforms to follow in the near future:

The full track listing for Radical Dreamers is as follows:

  1. Shore of Dreams (Intro)
  2. The Remedy
  3. Right Here
  4. Radical Dreamers (feat. Mega Ran)
  5. Starts With Us
  6. Lost in Time (Interlude)
  7. Another World
  8. Bubblin’ (feat. SkyBlew)
  9. Wings of Time
  10. Keep Bouncing
  11. End of Time (Outro)
  12. Time Travelin’ (Amerigo Remix)

Bonus Tracks (on New Game+ physical editions)

  1. Another World (DJ DN³ Remix)
  2. The Remedy (Lost Perception Remix)
  3. Radical Dreamers (feat. Mega Ran) (K-Murdock Remix)
  4. Wings of Time (Amerigo Remix)

Grab a pre-order for the physical release (vinyl, CD or cassette) here.

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