Black Razor Records, the indie record label founded by video games publisher Wired Productions, today released the Tin Hearts Double A-side, alongside a brand-new atmospheric music video for “Toy Soldiers”.

Providing an enchanting fusion of the vocals of singer/composer Aisha Vaughan, combined with the dynamic synths from Composer Kieron Pepper, “Toy Soldiers” is a hauntingly beautiful cover of Martika’s original, recrafted for the video game “Tin Hearts”. The reimagined cover, which marks the latest release from Black Razor Records, promises a heartfelt journey, reflecting the story within the critically-acclaimed video game, Tin Hearts.

Developed by Rogue Sun and published by Wired Productions, Tin Hearts is a narrative puzzle adventure telling a tragic fable of what brilliant minds do when the love for life, and the love for invention, are threatened by life itself. Embark on lemmings-like puzzles to relive the emotional and heartbreaking story of a genius inventor, Albert Butterworth. Spanning across four distinctive acts with 50+ puzzles masterfully woven throughout a grand Victorian home, steadily uncover a variety of whimsical inventions with unique abilities to provide a safe route of passage for a troop of tin soldiers to travel.


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