Back in June, we shared that Aspyr Media was no longer releasing the “Restored Content” DLC expansion for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. That announcement shocked many, which led to fans wondering why the DLC was squashed.

Not surprisingly, many had blamed Aspyr Media for causing trouble, with one commenter on Reddit saying they heard an issue arose when Aspry wouldn’t credit the mod team for creating the expansion. That comment caught quite the wave of attention, but we quickly learned that was 100% false. Zbyl2, the creator of the mod, took to Reddit to defend Aspyr, saying they did absolutely nothing wrong.

That statement left us back at square one as far as figuring out why the DLC was called off. We were hopeful that some sort of explanation would eventually come our way, and today happens to be that day. Unfortunately, we don’t get as much information as we’d like, but it’s a start.

As we also shared in the past, a class action lawsuit was filed concerning this matter, as some customers felt they should get a refund or a rebate due to purchasing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords with the expectations of the Restore Content DLC releasing. This lawsuit has caused Aspyr Media, Inc. to comment on the matter, which revealed that the company had full intent to release the DLC, but a “third party objected.”

You most likely want to know who that third party is, but that information is not shared in the legal documents. Now the guessing game continues as to just who it was that squashed these plans, but at least now we know that Aspyr had nothing to do with the decision.


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7M ago

Yeah, I never thought Aspyr was to blame. What really drove the fans nuts was absolute radio silence that went on for months. I'm sure they were legally gagged or something because that severely damaged their reputation. I also wonder if they will continue to re-release old Star Wars games on consoles.