Felix the Cat collection rated for Switch release

Konami's not kitten around

19 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

While Konami hasn’t announced it yet, we know the company has a collection of old-school platformers in the works for the Switch, and they all star Felix the Cat.

According to an ESRB listing, Konami is putting together a Felix the Cat collection for Switch. While the specifics on what games are included in this collection isn’t shared, we know that Konami holds the rights to previous works from Hudson Soft, and that company cranked out some Felix the Cat games back in the day. It’s very likely those are the titles we’ll find in this collection.

According to the ESRB rating, the Felix the Cat collection brings together action platformers in which players help Felix save his girlfriend from an evil professor. Players traverse 2D pixelated environments while using gadgets and vehicles (e.g., punching glove, tank, submarine) to defeat small cartoony creatures. Enemies typically fall from the screen when hit; some boss encounters depict whimsical pistol attacks, cartoony bombs, and mild explosions.

As soon as Konami officially announces this package, we’ll bring you the complete details.

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7M ago

This is very strange. 🤔 I would most definitely rather see a Castlevania DS Collection. Or Aliens arcade get a re-release on modern consoles.