Not one, but two different Splatfests have just wrapped in Splatoon 3. In most of the world, players were fighting it out over what their go-to greeting was; handshake, fist bump or a hug. Over in Japan, Splatoon 3 players were fighting for the team that represented the terminology they used for a specific sweet treat.

With the Splatfests officially over and the data calculated, Nintendo has announced the winners for each battle. On the go-to greeting side of things, it was Team Handshake that managed to secure the victory. Team Fist Bump put up one heck of a fight, while Team Hug sadly brought up the rear.


When it comes to Japan, Team Oban-yaki was declared the winner. The other two teams battling it out during this Splatfest were Kaiten-yaki and Imagawa-yaki. Clearly those who go with Oban-yaki had the most passion this time around!

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