Spike Chunsoft, Inc. has shared details on how players can prepare for the challenging adventures in its upcoming roguelike RPG, Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island. This includes insights into the Sumo status power-up, and dealing with roaming Behemoths. The company has also introduced new characters who are making their first appearance in this latest installment of the series. Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island for Nintendo Switch™ comes to North America and Europe on February 27, 2024.

Power-up Shiren with Sumo Status

There are many status conditions and effects, but one of the most powerful is the Sumo status. Shiren gains this Sumo power when his Fullness exceeds 150 and loses it when his Fullness goes below 120. Since Shiren’s Fullness can be increased or changed by eating Onigiri and certain items, you can control when you gain this mighty form. In this state, Shiren gains many advantages, such as increased Attack Power, boosted Max HP, and the ability to nullify Traps by crushing them underfoot. However, Shiren can’t use items to move around.

Effects of the Sumo Status

­- Increased Max HP and Attack Power. - Walking over Traps destroys them without harming Shiren. - Shiren can dig through walls with normal attacks, regardless of the Weapon equipped. - Shiren is immune to effects or items that would normally force him to move.

Roaming Behemoths

There exist mysterious gates that are said to lead to another realm filled with giant, powerful monsters called Behemoths. Sometimes these Behemoth Gates open up inside the dungeon, so beware if you see one on the map. Behemoths are far more powerful than any normal monster. They wield extremely high Attack Power and are completely immune to attacks from the front or sides thanks to their defensive Behemoth Barrier. If you come across a Behemoth, the best option is to run.

Behemoth Features

  • Comes from Behemoth Gates and sporadically disappears after some time.
  • Extremely high Attack Power.
  • Slow movement speed due to their enormous size.
  • Immune to attacks from the front and sides.
  • Vulnerable to attacks from behind.
  • Gain the Advantage with Sacred Items

A new addition for this game is Sacred Items. A Sacred Item is a rare piece of equipment that carries random enhanced abilities. There are two types of increasingly rare and powerful Sacred items: Blue and Golden. Golden items are more rare, but their effect varies each time, so a Blue item may have a more powerful effect than a Golden item. In addition, there are rare categories of Runes called “Natural Runes,” found on some of the “Sacred” Weapons and Shields. These Natural Runes have unique effects that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

Sacred Item Features

  • Often has a higher Base Value than regular equipment.
  • Sometimes has a Rune not normally found on the regular version of that equipment.
  • Sometimes has a powerful Natural Rune attached to it.
  • Train in the Monster Dojo

The Monster Dojo is a special facility where you can simulate dungeon encounters and practice to your heart’s content, allowing you to learn and train to face the real thing. Inside the Monster Dojo, you can freely place monsters, items, and Traps that you’ve previously encountered in dungeons. Learn all the tricks monsters have at their disposal and experiment to develop a winning strategy that will carry you to victory.


The young Quartermaster of the Red Orca Pirates. She loathes greedy people and follow the Red Orca motto of only taking what’s needed. Hibiki travels to Serpentcoil Island in search of a particular lost treasure.


The loyal Boatswain of the Red Orca Pirates, and Hibiki’s right-hand man. He accompanies and aids Hibiki on her expedition to Serpentcoil Island.


The bombastic Captain of the Black Shark Pirates. He’s brought his crew to Serpentcoil Island with the intention of claiming every last bit of treasure for himself.


The leader of a group of ninja living covertly on Serpentcoil Island. Despite her exceptional skills as a ninja, she is best known for her kindness. She is beloved by her fellow ninja, who fondly refer to her as their Princess.

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