Mega Cat Studios, the maestros of meaty pixels, are turning up the heat in the final stretch of The Meating’s Kickstarter campaign! Just when you thought the retro feast couldn’t get any better, behold the all-new NES Limited Edition—a ghostly pixelated delicacy for collectors and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Picture this: a glowing NES cartridge that stands out in your collection like a perfectly seared steak on a plate. That’s The Meating latest NES Limited Edition for you—a blend of nostalgia and innovation served on a pixelated platter. Crafted with precision, this limited edition is more than a game; it’s an invitation to embark on a culinary journey through a pixelated labyrinth.

Missed out on the original Limited Edition? Fear not! This is your golden ticket to meaty glory. Collectors, backers, and retro gaming enthusiasts, here’s your second chance to sink your teeth into The Meating, and this time, it glows!

And that’s not all, meat lovers! Mega Cat Studios is thrilled to announce that The Meating is now available on the Gameboy Advance (GBA). Take the pixelated adventure on the go, whether you’re waiting for your steak to grill or just craving some on-the-fly puzzle-solving.

Juicy Features of The Meating NES Limited Edition:

Glow Up Your Collection: A limited edition cartridge that literally glows in the dark—a pixelated masterpiece that demands attention.

Sleek Design: Crafted with the finesse of a master chef, this cartridge is a collector’s dream.

Exclusive Digital Feast: The limited edition comes with a digital bundle that includes BOTH version of the game’s rom, adding extra spice to your gaming experience.

As The Meating campaign approaches its finale, Mega Cat Studios encourages supporters and gamers to join the journey. The limited edition serves as a token of appreciation for the backers who have propelled the project to its current success. With only six days remaining, the call to action is clear - rally behind The Meating, become a part of gaming history, and secure your NES Limited Edition.

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