Shishi Studios are happy to announce the launch of a new update for their game, Shishi: Timeless Prelude.

What’s new?

  • Mini-bosses
  • Added icons to the minimap
  • Added items names in the shop

The Shishi : Timeless Prelude 1.6.0 Update is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Shishi : Timeless Prelude is a colorful dungeon role-playing game. As Elia, a young mage, you will explore the depths of a sacred sanctuary to complete your training to become an Oracle. Chosen by the Goddess, the young Elia is about to start a great adventure to protect the kingdom. However, she must first complete her training. As she explores the Timeless Sanctuary, Elia becomes stronger and learns spells that will be essential to succeed the trial.


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