Nintendo's 2023 Winter Magazine released

The only magazine that matters

21 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

As a dedicated Nintendo fan, you no doubt know all about the titles released on Switch this year, as well as the games in the works for 2024. While you might be completely up to speed, there are millions more who don’t have a clue, and Nintendo is out to inform them with their latest free distribution.

Over the years, Nintendo has put together free magazines for the Japanese audience in order to inform them of what’s available on Switch. The Big N has continued this traditional with the release of yet another free distribution, and this one showcases some of the biggest games that arrived on Switch this year, along with a handful of titles in the works for 2024.

Again, there’s really not going to be anything in this magazine that you don’t already know about, but it’s still fun to dig through and give it a once-over. There’s even some pages dedicated to merch and other Nintendo-adjacent stuff besides games, so it’s worth flipping through. You can read the digital, English-translated version of the magazine here.

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