SuperGroupies, a fashion brand offering products inspired by anime and games, is excited to introduce our new collaboration with Touhou Project! Watches & acrylic stands are inspired by Yukari Yakumo, Tenshi Hinanawi, Byakuren Hijiri, and Toyosatomimi no Miko. Each watch purchase comes with an A5-sized clear file purchase bonus. Each watch will be manufactured ONLY IF THE MINIMUM ORDER GOAL IS REACHED.

【Product Information】

■ Yukari Yakumo Model Watch

The sinister purple dial is boldly decorated with a cutout of a gap full of red eyes, adorned with a ribbon for a gloomy yet cute design unique to Yukari. Don’t miss her iconic parasol at 5 o’clock!

■ Tenshi Hinanawi Model Watch

Circling the heavenly sky-blue dial is a rainbow pattern directly taken from the decoration on her outfit, while the second hand is modeled after her fiery weapon, the Sword of Hisou.

■ Byakuren Hijiri Model Watch

In a purple & gold gradation to mirror her hair, the dial features her Sorcerer’s Sutra Scroll from 8 to 12 o’clock with iridescent sutras between navy hour markers representing both ends of the scroll.

■ Toyosatomimi no Miko Model Watch

Featuring symbols from her dress, the dial is also adorned with gold designs representing her bracelets. The crown is etched with the Japanese kanji “和” which decorates her headgear.

Touhou Project Collaboration Collection

  • Yukari Yakumo Model Watch / Acrylic Stand
  • Tenshi Hinanawi Model Watch / Acrylic Stand
  • Byakuren Hijiri Model Watch / Acrylic Stand
  • Toyosatomimi no Miko Model Watch / Acrylic Stand

Pre-order Period: Available from November 21 until December 10 at 7:00 PM, 2023 (Pacific Time)

Release Month

  • Watches in early August 2024
  • Acrylic Stands in early July 2024


  • Yukari Yakumo Model Watch & Tenshi Hinanawi Model Watch available for $190 each before tax
  • Byakuren Hijiri Model Watch & Toyosatomimi no Miko Model Watch available for $180 each before tax
  • Acrylic Stands available for $18 each before tax

You can take a closer look at each item in the SuperGroupies Touhou lineup on their official website.

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