From former Obsidian and Telltale developers, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is a narrative space opera adventure featuring quirky crew members, good dogs, and a fight for what’s right in the universe. After starting its journey on PC last June, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is now on its way to Nintendo Switch on December 5th, 2023.

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is a narrative space opera that’ll have you soaring around the universe assembling an unruly crew from an eclectic cast of characters. Sentient spaceships have been outlawed for centuries, but so far you’ve evaded capture thanks to your crew and holo-companion C.O.R.G.I. Journey across the galaxy towards the Core to face whatever awaits you and your crew, but make sure to keep a close eye on the clock to avoid your ex catching up with you…

With its diverse cast of characters and an empowering story of escape from an abusive relationship, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is a celebration of freedom, self-expression, and inclusivity. Your journey starts December 5th on Nintendo Switch!

Key Features:

What do you call a sentient spaceship? You decide by picking your preferred pronouns or customizing them to whatever you like!

Fly across a vibrant galaxy as you explore planets, moons, and space stations.

Bring aboard an eclectic crew from a diverse cast of characters with their own stories and skill sets.

Assign crew to tasks based on their skills, and help guide their decisions along the way.

Manage your resources to keep your crew happy and give them well-earned breaks from time to time. A happy crew is a productive crew… most of the time!

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