Ninjala Powers Up a Robot-Themed Season 15 Today

Gumming up the robot works

21 November 2023
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Today, players can gear up for the electrifying Season 15 in GungHo Online Entertainment’s colorful free-to-play online action game Ninjala. This cybernetic season introduces high-tech weapons and Gum Ninjutsu, as well as an electrifying collab with virtual singer Hatsune Miku starting December 20.

Season 15 of Ninjala features:

Hatsune Miku Returns: Global superstar Hatsune Miku steps into the spotlight with a Magical Mirai 2023 collab beginning December 20, bringing unique outfits based on KAITO and MEIKO for fans to wear.

Attack From Above: Season 15 introduces the Iron Fist Dive Gum Ninjutsu, which allows players to warp directly above their targets and rapidly descend to attack.

Futuristic Weapons: Players can outmaneuver their opponents with two highly mobile weapons: the Yo-yo type gum weapon Spinning UFO and the Board type gum weapon Knockout Door: The Gum Boomerang Gum Shoot ability brings Spinning UFO back to players’ hands after they throw it. With the Spinning UFO’s unique Iron Fist Dive Gum Ninjutsu, players can surprise their foes and disrupt groups with the far-reaching Alter Special, Golden March.

Knockout Door’s Gum Shoot ability is Gum Needle, which forces enemies to guard. Players can use this ability to time their attacks, chase down foes using the Gum Ninjutsu Iron Fist Dive, and release shockwaves with the Alter Special Surfing Cannon.

Save Up for Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday events offer limited-time special discounts and increased odds of obtaining highly sought-after items. This includes a Cyber Monday 2023 Sale, where Shinobi Shop items will be 20% off or 40% off for Ninjala Pass holders.

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