Back in March, we reported that Landing Hero Hanedax787 was releasing in Japan on March 31st, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch, with no indication if the game will ever see an English release. But that changes today, as the game was suddenly released a couple of days ago and is available to download now in the North American and European eShop.

About the game:

The stage is Haneda Airport, the largest airport in Japan and gateway to the sky. You are the pilot of the 787 and you are about to finish a long flight, your mission is to control and land the plane safely.

At the end of the flight, a thrilling landing is waiting for you!

◆Real Pilot experience! Controlling an airplane is not straightforward, unlike a car. Because each of its parts must be moved individually according to the situation, such as ailerons and flaps. And it is also affected by the wind direction.

However, those are also one of the charms of airplanes! Dynamic landing with reproduced heavy body is full of passionate charm. It makes you want to play again and again ,once you experience it!

In the TV mode, you will enjoy the powerful landings and realistic sound. Please try playing on the big screen.

◆The more you play the more your world expands. With the theme of the three runways of Haneda Airport, we offer a variety of stages that can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced players alike! Can you complete all stages?

In addition, The “Captain Mode” allows you to plan your own flight route to the runway! This is recommended for experienced pilots who want to rely on your own their experience and judgment in landing an airplane.

Some of the special stages have random weather and wind directions. So the combinations are endless! You can play as many times as you like with situations that change each time.

Let’s aim for the highest title, “Landing Hero”!

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