Step into the world of creative craftsmanship as Midnight Works proudly presents “Furniture Flipper Simulator 2023” on Nintendo Switch.

Immerse yourself in the art of furniture restoration and design, where each worn piece becomes a canvas for your ingenuity. Embark on a mission to revive antique treasures, employing a diverse array of tools and techniques at your disposal. Unleash your creativity and transform neglected furniture into stunning masterpieces. Will you rise to the challenge and craft your way to furniture flipping glory? The workshop awaits your artistic touch!

Gameplay: Craft Your Dream Furniture Empire – From Sketch to Reality! Take on the challenge of breathing new life into worn and antique furniture pieces. Each item presents a unique set of restoration challenges that will test your skills. Immerse yourself in a world of realistic restoration with a wide array of tools and techniques at your disposal.

Charming Workshop: Your restoration journey unfolds in a well-equipped, charming workshop filled with tools and materials. Personalize and perfect your virtual workspace as you progress through the game. Tailor your workshop and tools to reflect your unique style and preferences, enhancing the overall gaming experience as you create your restoration masterpiece.

Customization: Beyond restoration, the game allows you to customize your workshop and tools, ensuring that your virtual workspace aligns with your creative vision. This fusion of education and entertainment brings together the past and present to create a world of beauty and innovation.


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