Let’s make things clear right from the start, as this is the kind of stuff you don’t want to cause confusion with. We know absolutely nothing about the Switch’s successor from an official standpoint. Anything you hear out there is rumor and speculation. Yes, some of that may come from valid and trustworthy sources, but nothing is confirmed until Nintendo shares the details. With that out of the way, let’s continue…

The Digital Foundry gang has had a chat about the Switch’s successor, or at the very least, what they believe it to be capable of. In the video, the crew talks in particular about speculation that whatever comes after Switch will use Nvidia‘s DLSS upscaling technology. Specifically, we hear more about what the hardware can and cannot do with its DLSS tech. (h/t VGC)

Over on the PC side of things, Nvidia graphics cards can use DLSS (deep learning super sampling) to upscale the resolution of games through AI. This means you can get a better image from lower-quality hardware. Things can also be taken a step further with Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA), which employs a standalone engine that tackles the AI calculations at a higher speed.

According to Digital Foundry, the Switch’s successor will feature DLSS, which is something we’ve heard countless times in the rumor discussion. The new tidbit is that the Switch follow-up won’t have DLA, which would impact the capabilities of DLSS a considerable degree. This means 4K upscaling wouldn’t really be achievable, but something like using DLSS to get to 1440p is feasible.

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