BROK the InvestiGator has been updated to Ver. 1.4.0. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Up to 4 players can play through the whole adventure and drop in/drop out
  • Co-op players can play as 6 different characters (to unlock)
  • Single player quick fights now allows to play as these 6 characters too.
  • Under the hood change: BIG texture management overhaul, only loading what’s necessary for a room instead of keeping everything into RAM.
  • => Should improve RAM usage, especially on low RAM systems like Switch.
  • => Can improve boot time
  • => Might cause some “disappearing sprites” for a few frames in some locations where it’s not properly handled, will be fixed progressively.
  • Quick fights allow to restart immediately after a gameover.
  • Reduced size of characters in virtual arena to make fights more legible.
  • Bouncing enemies on the edge of the screen now works more often.
  • Generic rat thrown animation added.
  • Big characters now shake the screen when jumping.
  • Changed knife behavior.
  • Spit VFX now more visible (when characters get hit).
  • Enemy grabs move the player more smoothly.
  • Added screen shakes for powerful moves (they can be disabled in accessibility options).
  • Enemies can now hit players more often in higher difficulties.
  • Rebalanced difficulty to take this into account.
  • Limited maximum stun time for player characters.
  • Combat changes to give more impact (small minimum knock back when hit, spit VFX more visible, slowdown and screen effect when player or boss dies, final blow sound, HUD expressions, bouncing on floor…)
  • Implemented new controller vibrations situations.
  • Fixed bug: DPAD to change progress bar percent in options would also change hotspot.
  • Added support for a lot more third party controllers, outside of Steam.
  • Accessibility: Added Spanish support for the clipboard option.
  • Improved Traditional Chinese localization.
  • Improved Italian localization.

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