Mortal Kombat 1 players have been a bit upset lately, largely due to a recent rash of microtransactions for skins, Fatalities and more. Of course, this has led to some people trying to find sneaky ways to get content for free, and believe it or not, an exploit has been discovered.

In a move that would make Mr. Resetti’s blood boil, Mortal Kombat 1 players are turning the clocks back on their consoles in order to access now-paid content that was once free. For example, people have changed their console clocks back to November 6th, a few days before the Omni-Man update, to complete all the Pyramid Mesa challenges. After that, players return the console date to its proper setting, you get all of items from that previous season. This has been tested on multiple platforms, Switch included.

Obviously this is a move NetherRealm is going to be 100% against, and there’s no doubt an update in the works to fix it. The studio is yet to comment on the matter, so people continue to use the exploit. Please, PLEASE note that we are only sharing this story for informational purposes, and in no way condone the use of this exploit.


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