There are plenty of celebrities out there who are fond of Nintendo, but there are a handful that are more than happy to share their deep appreciation of Nintendo’s games and hardware. We can now add Stranger Things’ Gaten Matarazzo to that list.

In an interview with ScreenRant, Matarazzo spoke at lengthy about his love of all things Nintendo. It turns out the franchise that got him sucked down the rabbit hole is one that’s bigger than ever nowadays; The Legend of Zelda.

What got me obsessed with Nintendo in general, I mean, of course I know I’ve talked about all the time, but it was Zelda and it still is, and that’s the one that just kept me obsessed with it, and kept me a gamer for so long.

But, it’s just Mario Kart for the most part. I know it’s just one of the classics. But I spent so much time - I know very few people who spend their time playing Mario Kart by themselves, but I was one of those people, and I got scarily good at it and developed this love. And now I’m good at it to the point where people don’t like playing with me, which I think is a great flex.

[Gaten Matarazzo]

Matarazzo starting his Nintendo journey with the Zelda franchise should make his next comment extremely unsurprising. In a chat about what Matarazzo would pick for his game of the year, he went with Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Well, this year was Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, for sure. For me, that was an absolute no-brainer I think, because following up after Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I think it was clear. It’s like, okay, cool, that was the craziest bar that one could set.

That was arguably one of the best video games of all time. And then, when Nintendo decided to expand on it fully, and go at the same world building, and same engine, and then just expand off of it, and succeed through the roof. Initially, people were like, “Oh, it’s just DLC,” and then you have an absolute blow-it-out-of-the-water expansion. It’s unreal. I think, for me, that’s the no-brainer. Even though it’s a tough year, it’s a stacked year.

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