Nintendo has announced the next set of N64 games heading to the Switch Online Expansion Pack in Japan, and it includes one game we’ve already gotten and another that we’d all love to get our hands on.

The trailer above reveals that GoldenEye is finally going to join the Switch Online Expansion Pack in Japan, and along with it comes another RARE classic, Jet Force Gemini. Both titles will be made available to Japanese Switch Online Expansion Pack members on Nov. 30th, 2023.

It’s interesting to note that in Japan, these releases will usher in the launch of an “18+” version of the Switch Online N64 app. This is due to GoldenEye being rated CERO Z, which requires restricted access in Japan to release. This means the Switch N64 app version of GoldenEye may be the very first CERO Z title published by Nintendo.

There’s no word on what titles Europe and North America will be getting with the next Switch Online Expansion Pack update just yet, but we should have that information later tonight.


UPDATE: Nintendo has confirmed that Jet Force Gemini is coming to theSwitch Online Expansion Pack worldwide in December, but no specific date was shared.

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the schaef

7M ago

Frikkin' finally. I am one of JFG's biggest advocates. Once upon a time I was sending music quiz selections from this game on the regular.


7M ago

If Nintendo pairs a second title with this on the Western platform, I’d like to see Donkey Kong 64. I have an original copy, but would love to see it on Switch, despite the mixed reception.

Update: Damn.


7M ago

@the schaef

I got the game for the N64 just this or last year. Still haven't gotten time to play it more than just a little testing though.