Persona 5 Tactica is the latest spin-off for Persona 5, and this one takes things in a strategy RPG direction. To chat about the process of developing this game, including the successes and struggles, 4Gamer spoke to multiple members of the dev team. You can see a recap of everything they covered below.

  • Persona 5 Tactica is the first ATLUS simultaneous worldwide release on multiple platforms
  • development of Persona 5 Tactica lasted approximately four years
  • the devs wanted to focus on showing the Phantom Thieves acting as a team
  • this led the devs to thinking the best genre to deliver the feeling would be a strategy RPG
  • some devs weren’t fans of SRPGs due to not liking the high difficulty, leveling and management
  • a lot of effort went into streamlining some of the game’s most challenging elements
  • the devs also worked to maintain the feeling of progressing and growing each playable unit
  • a turning point during development was the implementation of the Triple Threat mechani
  • the inclusion of free-form movement was also an important inclusion
  • the composer felt it was drastically different composing for this game over a traditional RPG
  • the composer added variations to the tracks for each battle stage because they wanted to adapt to the player’s emotions

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